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La Prieta is a podcast and social organization aimed at empowering and giving a voice to young black and brown Latina women

Our Vision

2 years ago, we created a podcast to give a voice to and empower AfroColombian and Latina young women. Covering topics like health care, well-being, social issues and economics, we also began facilitating transformative community projects and initiatives.

Afro-Latina populations face various social, economic and health issues often rooted in historical marginalization, racial discrimination, and socioeconomic disparities. We firmly believe in the power of communication, education, and inclusivity as vessels for change,

This podcast will play a vital role in empowering Afro-Latina communities and providing them with a global voice by addressing their unique experiences, amplifying their stories, and fostering a sense of community.

Our Aim

To raise £6000 to support the 3rd season of our podcast and projects over the next 6 months. We plan to hit 5000 YouTube subscribers (enabling us to monetize our channel). We also plan to deliver a series of 5 social-focused workshops culminating in the second year of our La Prieta Fest. An event targeted at Black and brown Latina women as a celebration of life, our presence and our stories.

We are reaching out to you for your generous support to make the next stage of our vision a reality.

Here are some ways in which our podcast will be impactful:

  1. Representation and Visibility: A podcast dedicated to Afro-Latina experiences ensures their voices and stories are heard and acknowledged. By featuring diverse guests from different backgrounds and regions, the podcast can challenge stereotypes and increase visibility for Afro-Latina individuals.
  2. Tackling Social Issues: The podcast can be a platform to discuss and raise awareness about the social issues faced by Afro-Latina communities. It can address topics such as racial discrimination, economic disparities, and access to healthcare, sparking conversations that lead to greater understanding and action.
  3. Building Community and Support: Afro-Latina listeners from different parts of the world can connect through the podcast’s online community. This fosters a sense of belonging, support, and solidarity, allowing individuals to share experiences, resources, and advice.
  4. Empowerment and Mentorship: The podcast can feature inspiring Afro-Latina figures who have achieved success in various fields, providing role models and mentors for young listeners. Hearing stories of resilience and triumph can empower the audience to pursue their goals and dreams.
  5. Cultural Celebration: The podcast can celebrate Afro-Latina culture by featuring discussions on art, music, literature, cuisine, and other cultural aspects. This celebrates the richness of their heritage and encourages pride in their identity.
  6. Collaboration and Networking: The podcast can serve as a platform to connect Afro-Latina individuals with organizations, activists, and initiatives working towards social change. This creates opportunities for collaboration and networking within the community and beyond.
  7. Advocacy and Awareness: The podcast can highlight ongoing advocacy efforts and community initiatives, encouraging listeners to get involved and support important causes that impact Afro-Latina populations.
  8. Addressing Mental Health: The podcast can break the stigma surrounding mental health within the community by featuring episodes that discuss mental health challenges and promote self-care and well-being.

What we need

We need to market our Laprieta  to a wider and international audience so that we can monetise our YouTube and use the revenue to sustain community projects

Professional equipment:
To maintain a successful video podcast in such a competitive space we need to ensure our recordings are of the highest quality.

Workshops and Events:
Beyond our podcast, our organisation is committed to social reform and community initiatives. We are very proud of our work so far but we would like to expand our projects with more community leaders, organisations and opportunities.

Marketing and distribution services

A marketing budget will be crucial to the success of our podcast and projects so we can  Increase podcast listenership, engagement, and community-building and establish ourselves as a trusted organization among young Afro-Latina communities. 

Marketing costs:

  • Pro Subscription to Riverside Fm (£230)
  • Audioboom Plus Account (£75)
  • Social Media Campaign (£500)
  • Social Media / Graphic Assistant (£600)
  • Influencer Collaborations (£400)
  • Promotional Materials (£300)

Total: £2000

Profesional equipment

Here is a breakdown of the equipment we require, along with their costs:

  • Recording (£800): We need upgraded microphones, and a streaming and audio mixing interface to upgrade to live podcasts and events.
    • Rodcaster Pro II £550
    • DJI Wireless Mic £250
  • Powerful portable lighting and stands (£325): Investing in lighting and stands will enable us to record at a variety of locations and at live events
    • Godox SL150 £225
    • Godox Light stand £50
    • Godox CS-65D Lantern Softbox £50
  • Camera equipment: Professional lenses to record high-quality video (£510)
    • Sony FE 40mm F2.5 G Full-Frame Ultra-Compact G Lens £460
    • Victiv 81-inch Professional Camera Tripod £50
  • Computer storage (£360): We need a large external hard drive to back up and keep an archive of our podcasts, media and files.
    • SanDisk Professional – G-DRIVE 6TB x 2 £360

Total: £2000

Events & Workshops

In addition to podcast expenses, the funds will also be allocated to our community projects, with a financial distribution as follows:

  • Workshops (£1000): 
    • We will deliver 5 workshops on topics such as health & well-being, entrepreneurship, self-confidence, and digital skills to empower young women.
  • Mentorship and Counseling (£500): 
    • Establishing a mentorship program will provide invaluable guidance and support to young women.
  • Empowerment Events (£500): 
    • La Prieta Fest, Hosting empowering events and conferences will strengthen our community’s sense of unity and empowerment.

Total: £2000

Make a donation

Thank you for your consideration. If you would like to make a donation please click the button below. you will be taken to our Paypal Donation page where you can make your payment.

No amount is too small (or too large) and every donation is appreciated.


If you would like more information or a full breakdown of our plans. Please email: